Accessories: Exposed Bobby Pin

Thanks to a few notable models and celebs, we can break all of the bobby-pin-hiding rules and rock the hard metal as hair accessories. 

Skip the typical black and bronze pins and opt for shiny tones like rose gold, silver and copper.
Get creative in the placement using geometric designs, crisscrossing and abstract pinning.

This trend is for all lengths, textures and shades of hair.

Tips + Hacks:
1. Slide bobby pins into the hair with wavy side down- the pins will adapt to the shape of the head (unless the visibility of the wavy side is desired).
2. Enhance your accessory arsenal by painting nail polish on the pins.
3. For extra hold, apply hair spray to the pins before inserting them.

Photo: David Sherman. Hair: Chad Keast + Andrea Becker. Makeup: Jules Annen