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YOU are a Master in your craft and WE want to celebrate and share your expertise!
Send us a 3-5 minute video of your step-by-step process. We will edit it, credit you, and share it with our network! THEN we will send you free products.
(Dependent on picture quality and viewability.)

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Here are a few tips, tricks, and hacks for video recording:


On Android phones, the settings are typically inside the main camera app, look behind the settings gear wheel or accessible through the toggle button. For iPhones, these options are in the main settings menu-scroll down to Photos & Camera and then scroll down to the Camera section. 

Here are the most commonly used video settings: 

  • 1080p at 30 frames per second: gives the footage an very fluid look that is similar to real life. 
  • 1080p at 24 frames per second:  this speed is above the low end of what our brain is able to perceive as fluid video, but with just enough imperceptible stutter that it creates a pleasing, cinematic look. 
  • 1080p at 60 frames per second: shooting at 60 fps will give you an even more fluid-looking video.
  • 4K at 30 frames per second: this will capture the most details, but take up the most space in your phone. 


Regardless of whether your phone has optical, digital, or no image stabilization at all,  it's important to keep a steady hand so your footage looks smooth. 
For a hands-free steady shot, get some accessories for your phone. A tripod with a clamp for your phone, or a case that screws into a small pocket tripod, is the easiest and most affordable.


Avoid backlit-settings. Play with the angles until you like what you see on your phone. Not all phones support this but try tapping on your subject’s face on your smartphone screen to have the camera auto-adjust for exposure and focus.


Make sure to use landscape orientation and not portrait orientation while recording.


In Landscape (proper orientation), completely fill the frame with your subject. You can also put him or her or it slightly off-center to make it a more visually interesting. 


Make your space pretty. Because this is highlighting Intelligent Nutrient's salon network talent, be mindful to lessen or remove other products lines while performing tutorial.

Let's have fun with this! Don't hesitate to ask questions!





Accessories: Exposed Bobby Pin

Thanks to a few notable models and celebs, we can break all of the bobby-pin-hiding rules and rock the hard metal as hair accessories. 

Skip the typical black and bronze pins and opt for shiny tones like rose gold, silver and copper.
Get creative in the placement using geometric designs, crisscrossing and abstract pinning.

This trend is for all lengths, textures and shades of hair.

Tips + Hacks:
1. Slide bobby pins into the hair with wavy side down- the pins will adapt to the shape of the head (unless the visibility of the wavy side is desired).
2. Enhance your accessory arsenal by painting nail polish on the pins.
3. For extra hold, apply hair spray to the pins before inserting them.

Photo: David Sherman. Hair: Chad Keast + Andrea Becker. Makeup: Jules Annen